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Shipping and return policy



    Shipping is processed within 24 hours following payment receipt.

    Once the item has been shipped you will be provided with a tracking number; please track your package to avoid any packages being left outside your door. 

    We are NOT responsible for any inaccurate contact or address information.

    We are NOT responsible for any customs clearance, duties, taxes and/or any additional expenditures incurred once your item has been shipped from our Canadian location.

    Please be informed if your location falls under any customs clearance, duties, taxes or any other related expenditures to avoid any inconvenience.

    We are NOT responsible if for ANY REASON that your package is held at customs.

    Any packages returned due to non payment of customs clearance, and/or any additional expenditures WILL NOT receive a refund for shipping.



      Considering each item crafted is exclusive and limited in quantities all sales are considered as FINAL sales and as such we do not provide any refunds.


        Items purchased may be exchanged no later than ten (10) days following receipt of the items.

        Items will be exchanged exclusively in the event that the items are defective in their workmanship or for a different size subject to fully meeting the following conditions:   

        1. Prior approval must be authorized by us before returning the items; and
        2. The original manufacturing tags must not have been removed; and
        3. The items must be returned in their original packaging; and
        4. The items may not have been washed, damaged in any way shape or form, stained by any substance and odour free.

        - The process to return the items for exchange are:

        • *Contact us (info@sabrinaarcaro.com) to obtain the Exchange Approval Code Form
        • *Return the items by a secured shipping method and include the *Exchange Approval Code Form
        • *Return packages for exchange must be notes “RETURN” on the paperwork and package, failing to do so the package will be returned to you
        • *In default to do so and we are charged any fees the item will not be accepted


        - All shipping, handling, and customs costs to return the items are at your cost. We will ship the replacement items free of charge.



        Considérant que chaque item confectionné est exclusive et limité en quantité, toutes ventes sont considérées FINALE sans possibilité de remboursement.


        Les items achetés peuvent être échangés au plus tard dix (10) jours suivant la réception de ceux ci.

        Les items peuvent être échangés exclusivement soit pour une défectuosité   de fabrication ou pour une grandeur différente à condition que toutes les conditions suivantes soient rencontrées :    

        1.    Nous devons autoriser le retour au préalable ; et

        2.    Les étiquettes originales du manufacturier ne doivent pas être enlevées ; et

        3.    Les items doivent être retournés dans leur emballages originales ; et

        4.    Les items retournés ne doivent pas être laves, endommagés de quelque façon que ce soit, taché et sans odeur.